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WELCOME! Last updated: 17/08/09
<3Saturday, October 17, 2009
Hey amelyn here again.
Remember the class committee told you guys about the class picnic? Here are the important details. Its compulsory anyway. Hope you will remain enthusiastic like the barbecue.

Post Examination Activities
ON the spot Art Competition cum Class Picnic

Venue: Singapore Botanical Garden (Palm Valley)
Date: 28 October (Wednesday)
Time: 8am - 1.30pm

8.00am | Attendance Taking
8.30am | Board the bus and leave for the Botanical Gardens
9.00am | Reach venue. Allocation of Designated sitting areas.
9.30am | Start of competion
11.30am | End of competition Class Picnic and Bonding / Games
9.30am to 11.30am | Students who finish the competition earlier can choose to take part in a photo-taking competition.
12.30am | Packing up
12.45am | Prize presentation
1.00pm | Departure from the gardens

On the Spot Art Competition
Theme: Garden City
Duration: 2hrs
Students are required to draw/ colour in their sketch books using the theme provided. All completed art works are to be submitted at the logistics table found at the front of the stage.

Prizes: Capital Land vouchers
Sec 1E
1st $20
2nd $15
3rd $10
2 x Merit $5

Photo-taking Competition
Theme: Still life
Duration: Before 11.30am
Students are required to take photos of stil-life objects using their mobile phones and send the photo to beattysec.art@gmail.com
Deadline: 30 October (Friday) 1pm

Other information
1. All classes/ students need to bring the following items:
  • A map to sit on
  • Food for consumption
  • Water
  • Sketch Book/ Paper with a backing for support
  • Colouring Materials (pencils, crayons, pastels, etc NB: No painting is allowed
  • Newspaper
2.Rules and Regulations
  • Each class need to keep to their designated area and ensure that the area is clean upon departure.
  • Students are to seek permission from the form/ co-form or relief teachers if they plan to leave the designated area e.g. go to the toilet, buy a drink, etc.
  • No set up of any sort in the Gardens like buffet set-up, banners, backdrops, tents, plants or Gardens' structures(i.e. benches, shelter etc.)
  • No ball games (soccer, rugby etc. ), water based games ( water bomb, water guns etc.) or games that are difficult to clear( flour, eggs, sugar, oil etc.).
  • No kite flying or projectile activities such as Frisbee or boomerang.
  • For treasure hunt of station games: No hiding, tying, hanging or pasting of clues allowed.
  • All trash needs to be disposed of in the garbage bags at the end of the trip.
Hope you guys would cooperate. The class committee would ask Mr Foo's permission to let us wear our class tee. :) We need people to help us think of games as there are many restrictions. Thanks.

Many of you guys has came up to me to tell me that you dont understand this. Its simple english man. Explain to you in school.
Mr Foo said we wear our class tee- shirt on that day.
Shorts not confirmed
Kamana its 28 october not tomorrow.

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<3Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Hey amelyn here. To see more photos from yesterday's bbq. Check out my blog over 70 photos.
Tag anyway. :)
Hope Deepag's eys get better.


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<3Tuesday, October 13, 2009
lovely couples! :).(shao huang. dun jealous hor!) =x

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<3Friday, September 18, 2009
Dear 1e4,

Today was the swimming tests for MOST of you. Those who finished theirs, hope you pass
Those who're doing next week, GOOD LUCK! (Me also)

The HW we have
- Maths wksht
- Maths corrections
- Science(Reading up Chp something)
- Bring Geography File with test papers SIGNED inside
- Complete the Geography HW Mrs Koh gave us(Which many of you havent.Including me of course)
So please do them all
For ART please do not do anything to your A3 paper unless your drawing has been approved. Folded marks which are visible will take off marks so please be careful.
Science PRACTICAL test on Friday next week(of course)
Other Science tests I do not know. (Nvr bothered reading.)

Next week there is no school on Monday and I think all CCAs will be halted?
Good Luck to those doing MT oral
Good Luck for End of Year Examinations....which are starting on 1st October.
1st is English paper 1 I think
Anyways Good Luck dudes

Today was also CCA Phototaking?
Had to wait long for me CCA
Damn la
Hope you all look nice in your photos
So we wont be embarassed
I hope my specs arent shining... like in the formal class shot T_T'
Will come out in Year book...I think? =D...
Random thing
: Take 231,not 232 when going Toa Payoh from school or else you'll take a long time
: To Kamesh: "NO OFFENCE but...were you swimming or struggling?...Please take no offence."

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Syafiq!
Happy Birthday to you~
Happy birthday?
Older than me =DD

The Boss

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<3Saturday, September 5, 2009
hey amelyn here,
I'm just summarizing the letter given on Friday.
1] Please remember to bring your thermometer on 14 september.
2]-There will be no more Moving Mondays sessions in Term 4 so report in school by 8.45am (dont be late) for all mondays.
-CCAs will stop from 19 Semptember, will resume after EOY Examinations.
3]SPOT CHECK. You know it Mrs Tanny Koh is watching every step :) Please be careful on 14 september.
4]-EOY examinations start from 1 october to 13 october.
- The 2 marking days are on 14 and 15 october. Do not need to report school on these 2 day only after 16 october.
5]blabla none of our business already
6] Evening study Programme dunno what just read the letter to know more.

All the best for your "GREAT" holiday and please survive even though there is a mountain of homework.
I like this. :) CRedits: http://www.toothpastefordinner.com/archives/2007/Sep/


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